Program ASC 2019 – San Francisco

Next week, the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology will take place in San Francisco. Besides some very interesting panels related to incarcerated women, attendees can also join the ASC Division on Women and Crime Social. It will take place Wed, Nov. 13, 8:00 – 10:00pm. Table TopTap House (off-site). Here you can…


Spinhuis-meeting ASC

Why do some women desist from crime, whereas other women do not? What are the types of family relations that (formerly) incarcerated women have, during and after detention, and how do these relations impact their criminal careers? What ‘research gaps’ exist in research on incarcerated women? These and other questions were discussed in November during…



Recently published, a new article on female pathways to crime and prison, written by Spinhuis-member An Nuytiens and Jenneke Christiaens: Female pathways to crime and prison: Challenging the (US) gendered pathways perspective European Journal of Criminology, first published on October 7, 2015    


Parental imprisonment

The study of Spinhuis-member Holly Smallbone focuses on the impact of parental imprisonment on children’s wellbeing. She is specifically interested in the post-release period and how factors that occur prior to the imprisonment, during the imprisonment, and after the imprisonment relate to children’s wellbeing. For more information about the study, click here  



The Spinhuis Center was established in June 2013. The participants of a workshop held in that month decided that research on incarcerated women was scattered and rare, and that many researchers were unaware of each other’s ongoing studies on women in prison. To amend that situation, the virtual Spinhuis Center was formed. The center was named…