The Spinhuis Center was established in June 2013. The participants of a workshop held in that month decided that research on incarcerated women was scattered and rare, and that many researchers were unaware of each other’s ongoing studies on women in prison. To amend that situation, the virtual Spinhuis Center was formed. The center was named after women’s prisons in the 17th century in the Netherlands (‘Spinhuizen’) where female prisoners had to spin.

Aims and goals
There is an increasing interest for offending behavior of females with a particular focus on incarcerated populations. The aim of the Spinhuis Center is to bring together academicians who study women in prison, and the precursors, corollaries and consequences of their incarceration. Important topics in this area are: pathways to imprisonment, conditions of imprisonment, the effects of imprisonment on the lives and wellbeing of incarcerated women and their children, and the effects of imprisonment on women’s reintegration, recidivism and desistance from offending. The Spinhuis Center will be both a global receptacle for academic research on women’s imprisonment and an important resource for policymakers and practitioners.