A list of ‘old’ news from the homepage:

  • 7/17/2015: The comprehensive and insightful book ‘The Ex-Prisoner’s Dilemma: How Women Negotiate Competing Narratives of Reentry and Desistance’ written by Spinhuis-member Andrea Leverentz has been reviewed for Gender & Society. Click here to read it.
  • 7/3/2015 – Now under ‘Books, Publications and the Media’: A review on maternity experiences and outcomes for pregnant incarcerated women and their babies
  • 7/3/2015 – For a critical note on the popular Netflix show ‘Orange Is the New Black’, click here
  • 4/19/2015 – Now under ‘Books, Publications and the Media’: A monograph of an Albanian study of the gender perspective in the criminal justice system
  • 1/6/15 – Last month, Spinhuis-member Sanne Hissel successfully defended her thesis “Mum’s the Word. A study on children of incarcerated mothers’ well-being, psychosocial functioning, and caregiving situation”. If you would like to receive a copy or summary of this dissertation, please send an email to
  • 11/12/14Call for papers: In 2015, a new project on Caribbean Women & Crime will start at the VU University and the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR), Amsterdam (Netherlands). This study will examine life courses of Caribbean women to identify possible predictors of crime and incarceration. Within the field of Criminology there has been very little attention for the topic of Caribbean Crime and Criminal Justice. To increase visibility of the important and unique research that is being conducted on these topics, we are putting together an edited and peer-reviewed monograph on: “Caribbean Crime & Criminal Justice: Intersections of Post-colonialism, Gender & Crime”. Authors are invited to submit proposals. For a list of (possible) topics, important dates and other relevant information, click here
  • Workshop Women in Prison: Risk Factors and Consequences: On the 17th of June 2013 the Phoolan Devi Institute organized an international conference on the topic of incarcerated women. Several well-known international researchers came together to present their work on one of the following three themes: (1) gendered/female pathways into prison, (2) maternal incarceration and consequences for child wellbeing, and (3) reintegration, resettlement and desistence among women.Click here for a summary of the workshop