Smallbone, Holly

Holly Smallbone


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Unit: Griffith University, Australia/NCSR
Position: PhD student
Background and research interests: Holly completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science at Griffith University in 2011 and graduated with Class 1 Honours in 2012. Her thesis examined paternal imprisonment and father-child relationships. After completion of her degree, she worked full time as a Research Assistant, working with A/Prof Susan Dennison on her Vulnerable Families Project, which examines the impact of paternal imprisonment on children’s developmental outcomes. As of February 2014, Holly is a PhD candidate in clinical psychology at the School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University, Australia, in conjunction with the NSCR and VU University. For her PhD project, Holly is continuing her interest area of the impact of parental imprisonment and children’s wellbeing, with a specific focus on the parent-child reunification period when a parent is released from prison. Her candidature was confirmed by an external examiner in December 2014 and she is now based in the Netherlands to conduct her data collection.